SUN8_DVD_SpineIt’s that time again folks – we’re giving away another great DVD set, for one of the best comedies of all time – Season 8 of FX/FXX’s IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA!

America’s favorite back-stabbing bar owners are at it again in the outrageously over-the-top Season Eight of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Join the gang at Paddy’s Pub for more disagreements, divisiveness, debauchery and depravity as Charlie and Dee find love among Philadelphia’s high society, and Dennis crashes his ex-wife’s wedding. Frank loses his memory – and his mind – in a hopeless search for lost treasure, and insanity ensues when the whole gang winds up in therapy. Featuring an all-star cast and loaded to the hilt with hilariously inappropriate and unrated content, Season Eight rules the world!

The Season Eight Blu-ray and DVD boast hilarious special features, including outrageous deleted scenes and a gag reel.

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY… Season 8 will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on September 3, while Season 9 of the show premieres on new channel FXX on September 4 at 10PM.

For your chance to win a copy of the DVD (worth owning for the “bottle episode” called “The Gang Dines Out”), leave us your favorite quote from the show in comments (from any character, any season, anything goes; we just love celebrating this amazingly quotable show).  One lucky winner will be chosen at random after the 9/4 premiere; the contest is open to residents of US and Canada only. Good luck!



  • Jason

    Dennis: Hi. I’m a recovering crack head and this is my retarded sister that I take care of. I’d like some welfare please.

  • Geraldine

    It’s a long one, but Charlie’s entire mailroom rant.

    “That right there is the mail. Now let’s talk about the mail. Can we talk about the mail, please, Mac? I’ve been dying to talk about the mail with you all day, OK? “Pepe Silvia,” this name keeps coming up over and over again. Every day Pepe’s mail is getting sent back to me. Pepe Silvia! Pepe Silvia! I look in the mail, and this whole box is Pepe Silvia! So I say to myself, “I gotta find this guy! I gotta go up to his office and put his mail in the guy’s goddamn hands! Otherwise, he’s never going to get it and he’s going to keep coming back down here.” So I go up to Pepe’s office and what do I find out, Mac? What do I find out?! There is no Pepe Silvia. The man does not exist, okay? So I decide, “Oh shit, buddy, I gotta dig a little deeper.” There’s no Pepe Silvia? You gotta be kidding me! I got boxes full of Pepe! All right. So I start marchin’ my way down to Carol in HR and I knock on her door and I say, “Carol! Carol! I gotta talk to you about Pepe.” And when I open the oor what do I find? There’s not a single goddamn desk in that office! There…is…no…Carol in HR. Mac, half the employees in this building have been made up. This office is a goddamn ghost town. “

  • bn100

    “Oh, look at me! The millionaire who goes to see doctors!”

  • Jacob

    Frank: “You gotta pay the troll toll, if you wanna get into that boy’s hole”

  • Gena

    “I’m a…full-on rapist, you know? Uh, Africans, dyslexics, children, that sort of thing.” – Charlie (not knowing the work philantropist)