Quick Take: TWISTED on ABC Family

MADDIE HASSON, AVAN JOGIA, KYLIE BUNBURY What happens when, as an 11-year-old kid, you’re sent to juvenile detention for killing a family member, only to be granted freedom at 16?  That’s what ABC Family’s latest hour long drama TWISTED intends to find out.  Avan Jogia (I can’t with that moustche…) stars as Danny Desai, who returns to his old town after a 5 year stint in juvi.  He hopes to come back to no questions from the townspeople, to be welcomed back with open arms from his best friends Jo and Lacey (Maddie Hasson and Kyle Bunbury), and to form a better relationship with his mom (Denise Richards).  It should go without saying that he doesn’t get the warmest of welcomes.  When something terrible happens and Danny is once again Suspect #1, the town has to decide where allegiances lie.

It’s not the best show I’ve ever seen, but it isn’t terrible (is that another way of phrasing “I didn’t hate it?”).  The leads are likeable, and the chemistry between the three of them was believable (and it’s always nice to see Hastings Ruckle).  The story is intriguing enough, but they don’t seem to get to the depths of darkness and twisted drama that their lead-in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS was able to accomplish from the get-go, so it might not hold a candle to that ground-breaker.  Give it a shot, though, and tell us what you think!  Are you along for the TWISTED ride?