Giveaway: Season 2 of WILFRED on Blu-Ray!

Wilfred S2 BD ArtWILFRED Season 3 is coming to FX on June 20, but before that, why not give yourself a chance to win Season 2 on Blu-Ray, to get caught up?  Season two found Ryan making a fresh start with a real job, and a new girlfriend (Allison Mack, who was perfection).  But with Wilfred’s help, Ryan discovers that he still has a lot to learn about life, including “squishy” viral videos, and the on-going cuteness was between dogs and babies.

Season 2 on Blu-Ray and DVD (out June 18 in all major retailers and online) includes hilarious special features – bloopers (this cast is so funny off camera, it’s no wonder they break all the time), deleted scenes, and a Wilfred/Ryan Mash-Up.

For your chance to win Season 2 on Blu-Ray, all you have to do is enter your favorite WILFRED quote in the comments below.  To be entered a second time, you can do one of two things –

Tweet the following phrase: “I want to win WILFRED Season 2 on Blu-Ray from @mytakeontv!”

Or visit the MY TAKE ON TV Facebook page, like us, and leave us a comment about WILFRED!

It’s really that simple!  So what are you waiting for?

One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on or around June 14.  This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada only!


  • bill norris

    i wanted to use a Jenna quote but it was a wee bit racy…. but this is good too.
    Ryan: Eat s**t! Eat s**t!
    Wilfred: Again, your tone says insult, but what I’m hearing is a tempting offer.

  • Will G

    What about your boss’s suicide? I mean someone ate his brains. That’s twisted. Did they find who did that, by the way?

  • bn100

    “How can I compete with a purebred?”

  • Chris

    “I have a strict policy against taking any drug that is not illegal. They are never strong enough.”

  • What about Revolution!? They finally made it to the Tower! The nanites are everywhere, but the tower has an airlock, so its impenetrable, they cant get in. But level 12, oh man, level 12 is locked off, its too powerful, the protectors cant risk that someone gets in there. But someone will, and there is a 1 in a million chance that the nanites could set fire to all man kind if the power is turned back on. What is going to happen next? Ill tell you one thing that will happen, Rachel Mathesons mouth will quiver uncontrollably, and it will be annoying.

  • Andrew P

    Anger is like herpes. You’re not supposed to keep it to yourself.” -Wilfred

  • Maria S.

    “Worst brother ever? Did you ever convince the other siblings in your litter to eat your own sister because she was born with no eyes? Cause I did that.” The ever so inappropriate Wilfred lol

  • Jordan

    Wilfred: “Imagine how hilarious I’d look wearing a full-bodied animal suit.”

  • Travis

    “I’m just a gangster Ryan! You knew that about me before we set up the board.”

  • David Hollingsworth

    Wilfred: “Woah! You said we were going for a walk. A walk, Ryan – which by definition means ‘no destination’! Even a cat knows that. “