Showtime releases the official trailer for DEXTER’s 8th and Final Season!

I am so excited for the final season of DEXTER – and the official trailer that Showtime just released is so intense!  Check it out and let us know what you’re thinking about the new season!  DEXTER Season 8 premieres June 30 at 9/8c!


  • Chris

    Wow. Looks like its going to be a great final season.

  • Deb and Dexter are banging now? Thats messed up!

    So youre caught up? Didnt I leave a message saying “Deb Knows!”? What season was that? 6? Maybe that was a text message, I forget.

    Personally, I dont like where the series has gone. It seemed out of character that Deb shot whats her name, LaQuerta. And I dont like that Dexter has to be so concentrated on her and the law now, but I guess it was inevitable that Deb found out.

    I liked the good old days where Dexter sought out a victim based on the fact that that person deserved it, killed, and then the last scene you saw was him dumping a black trash bag over the side of the “Slice of Life.”

    [Did you know that I am a Certified Pool Operator? Ali is the Director of the local pool that just opened {}, and by association, I took a few classes that certify me for things that she may need some help with. Taking care of the chemicals in the pool is one of those things. So today I was doing some routine maintenance in the pump room. There is a small room off of the main pump room where all of the masty chemicals are stored. There is literally a thousand gallon tank of acid in this room. I thought of Dexter when I saw it for the first time, and then thought to myself, “that is where I would dispose of a body.” …anyway I think I have said to much.]

    What do I think? Oh, thanks for asking. My prediction is that in the end Deb kills Dexter [quote me on that –]. I could write this shit. Seriously, how good would that be? Some how the Saran wrap gets switched, Dexter is on the table, and Deb is doing the killing. Look for it in the series finale.

    Whatever, either way “here it comes!”