CourtneyK offers a Quick Take refresher on SCANDAL to get pumped for an all new episode!

KERRY WASHINGTON, GUILLERMO DIAZIT. HAS. BEEN FORREEEEVVVVER!! (Technically, a few weeks. But WEEKS!!!)  And I have been absolutely craving a new episode of SCANDAL!

Week after week, this Shonda Rimes gem has delivered. Never ONCE disappointing. Last time, we saw Olivia freaking out as the slow realization that her hunky new love interest (Helloooo Scott Foley you twisted fella you!) has been spying on her. (Did anyone else shriek at the screen alongside her???) Yes yes, he was doing it on the orders of her ex, THE PRESIDENT  but STILL. She didn’t know that, and when she does find out? I can’t imagine her reaction will be anything milder than absolutely livid.

Let’s back it up: we know that the CIA mole isn’t the head CIA guy (how messed up was THAT???) and that he was framed and killed. Sorry CIA dude. (Hey guys, remember when we all watched ALIAS and the CIA wasn’t super duper scary and creepy? Yeah, I miss that.) Huck and Quinn partnered together, such a great pairing, doing the scut and checking out a storage facility and the warning bells started ringing in my noggin! And can I take a moment to say “LEAVE HUCK ALONE!!!” the poor man! He just keeps getting brutally beaten up!! So the intrigue on whom the mole is and who the bad-guy is/are in this series are still swirling!

That’s the beauty of this show! The bad guys aren’t completely dark hearted; and the good guys, while mostly Gladiators in Suits, certainly aren’t pristine. The show is complex and scary and completely intoxicating! I can’t wait to watch!!