Maybe Jason won’t be back in the A Game on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS?

According jasonbackinthedays--4108168313799851069to the Associated Press in New York, the actor who portrays Jason DeLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars plead guilty to a misdemeanor.

File it under, “WAIT, WHAT???” for me! Not to get too involved in the Celebrity Gossip scene, I can’t help but wonder, DOES THAT MEAN HE’S OFF THE SHOW??? We were all shocked to see the stab wound (caused by Aria, we assume, from the Halloween Train episode last year) on Jason’s incredibly carved physique and tended to by twisted sister Mona, which meant that Jason was absolutely involved with A and whatever end game she/he is plotting. But then his storyline faded off. He “disappeared” and that was that.

With his legal troubles, will Parker Bagley not be returning to the show? Will they try and pull a Darren or Becky and try and replace him? The AP reports him saying “he’s now focusing on his music”…is Jason out of Rosewood for good?

That would be a shame in my opinion; there was a lot of twisted stuff his character could potentially be involved in.

What do you think?