ONCE UPON A TIME Preview with CourtneyK

LANA PARRILLA, BARBARA HERSHEYWell well well, we’ve come nearly full circle with our little friends from Storybrook. Rumplestiltskin /Mr. Gold/ (Rumple/Gold?) has found his son, Baelfire/Neal in Manhattan, who happens to be Henry’s father, the long forgotten love of Emma, daughter of Snow White/Mary Margaret and Prince Charming/David.  Sworn enemy of Rumple/Gold, the deliciously cheeky Captain Hook finally succeeded in exacting the revenge he’s been desperate for: plunging his hook into the devious Rumple/Gold forcing all the sojourners back to Storybrook for what could only be a big ‘ole showdown!

But there’s one last person-main character we’ve yet to have explained via backstory: Cora, the mother of the Evil Queen/Regina. We’ve been shown many an evil plot orchestrated by Cora, had the fear of Cora struck into the hearts of everyone in Storybook Land and in Storybrook, seen some of Cora’s power exhibited by the yanking of some poor schmo’s heart from their body, watched her icy stare and creepy smile as she coos about power and destruction. But what’s her deal?? Why is she so….DASTARDLY?

Never fear! The very next episode of Once Upon a Time will not disappoint in its storytelling, turning focus to the origins of the demon Cora herself; we get to see the development of Storybrook’s meanest Mama! Played by guest star Rose McGowan, we glimpse the life of a young and frustrated Cora yearns for a different life and what she perceives as come-uppence to those who’ve wronged her. Was her path laid out before her, or did she choose to be the main source of all things wicked? Because let’s face it, so far this season on Once Upon a Time; all roads have led to Cora!

There’s still tons of questions to answer on Once Upon a Time, this next episode is like the rest of this season has been so far; slowly peeling back the pages of our stories and revealing deeper and more twisted angles to everyone involved. It’s so addicting, right?? I know I’ll be watching, Sunday March 10, 8/7c on ABC!