Giveaway: PSYCH out your desk!!

S7 Premiere Prize Pack PicUSA Network’s hit comedy series PSYCH returns with a spectacular season seven after a surprise season six cliff-hanging finale left fans of the hit show on the edge of their seats on Wednesday, February 27 at 10/9c.  I’ve had the chance to watch the first three episodes, and who knew that a 7th season of a show could produce some of the BEST episodes they’ve ever done?  Look for more details in our upcoming review, but in the meantime, you can enter to PSYCH-out your desk at the office or in your study by telling us some of your favorite PSYCH episodes, and why you’re a huge fan!

The great pack (valued at right around $135) features the following:

  • Psych 3-hole-punch
  • Pineapple USB Drive
  • Poppin’ In/Out Box (2 boxes)
  • Poppin’ Stapler
  • Poppin’ Staple Remover
  • Poppin’ Ruler
  • Poppin’ Scissor
  • Poppin’ Tape Dispenser
  • Poppin’ Calculator
  • Push Pin Tin
  • Set of Post It Notes

What are you waiting for??  Leave us a comment talking about your favorite PSYCH episode and one winner (US residents only) will be chosen at random before next week’s incredible Season 7 Premiere!


  • Sadie

    My favorite episode is Season 2, episode 2 – 65 Million Years Off. Where Shawn believes the man was killed by a T-rex.

  • Jennifer

    My favourite episode is Shawn and the Real Girl. Undercover at a reality dating show? Loved it.

  • Kathy

    My fave episode is Bounty Hunters. Very close talking. ‘nuf said.

  • Sara

    Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing remains my favorite episode (though Last Night Gus is a very close second)… Partially because Lassie is my favorite character, but also because the commentary on the DVD for LDaBBT is one of the most hilarious ever recorded!

  • Mel

    Dual Spires. It takes amazing skill to recreate Twin Peaks so perfectly and still keep the show very “Psych.”

  • bn100

    I like the episode with the mummy.

  • Liz R

    Really hard to choose just one favorite episode, but I would say “Not Even Close…Encounters”. I have watched that episode so many times, Shawn and Gus are extra ridiculous, the alien theory, flicking ears to keep each other in line, awesome disguises, Freddie Prinze Jr is awesome, Gus is extra creepy when it comes to Molly, hidden rooms, and childhood pals acting like kids again… love it!

  • Maria S.

    Gotta go old school and say that the pilot is one of my favorites! Made me a fan in the first place 🙂

  • Stephanie

    My favorite episode is Scary: Bianca’s Toast. The whole episode is hilarious (and kind of scary at times), but my favorite part is when you can see James Roday struggling not to crack up during the interrogation.

  • Austin Baroudi

    My favorite episode is would have to be Tuesday the 17th! I loved the whole Jason feeling the episode had to it, not that it was scary just the dynamic and the way that they made it funny. The fact that Elden Henson guest starred in it made it that much sweeter!

  • Anita

    From season 1 “9 Lives” where Shawn suspects a suicide is actually a murder and gets “clues” from the victim’s cat. I’m a big cat person so I thought this one was especially fun to watch.

  • Lisa W

    Psych is my all time favorite show!!! How do you pick just one??? I couldn’t possibly! Some favorites are American Duos, Weekend Warriors, Black and Tan, Dual Spires.

    My favorite parts are probably the Gus don’t be…