Quick Take: DO NO HARM on NBC

Do No Harm - Season PilotTonight on NBC, Steven Pasquale stars as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, or rather Dr Jason Cole and Mr Ian Pierce, two sides of a very split personality, in the new drama series DO NO HARM.  Jason is a brilliant surgeon who has been able to keep his evil side at bay with the help of a friend and modern medicine, for 5 years.  On his birthday, Ian rears his ugly head (well, it’s not ugly, since Pasquale is attractive, but Ian is a mean SOB), and all hell breaks lose in Jason’s life.

The show itself is doing Jekyll and Hyde well enough – 8:25AM to 8:24PM, Jason’s got it in control.  The other 12 hours of the day are a blur of sex, drugs, and really bad things.  By the end of the first hour, a visit to the past and a surprise reveal convinced me that it would do me no harm (get it) to stick around for an episode or two more.  Give it a shot and let us know what you think!