In Memoriam: The demise of DROP DEAD DIVA and ALPHAS

alphas_fLower the shades, stop the clocks, cover the mirrors, and drag out the mourning attire. Two favorite shows of this site have been sent to the bins. The Lifetime network hit DROP DEAD DIVA and SyFy’s hit ALPHAS have not been picked up.

Both had mind-blowing season finale episodes that were so amazing, I mean seriously, the cliff-hangers were epic, there was no way they were going to leave the audience holding their breath!! Wrong. So very wrong.

dropDeadDivaUnless by some COUGAR TOWN miracle, another network scoops these incredible shows up, we’ll never know what happened to the star-crossed love triangle of Deb, Grayson and Owen of DROP DEAD DIVA or Gary, (*sob* OH GARY!!) Cameron, Rachel, Nina, Bill and Dr. Rosen the super-powered team from ALPHAS. It’s heartbreaking, I’m truly shocked. I feel like the writers and characters had loads more to say.

Maybe there’s still hope, but in the meantime, I’ll be listening to R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts. *sob*