Quick Take: SHAMELESS Season 3

ShamelessWhen we last left our friends the Gallaghers, things were in as good a place as it gets for them.  Fiona knows Jimmy’s secret, and is okay with it.  Karen is gone and Lip is kind of okay with it.  Mickey is gone and Ian’s having fun with Jimmy’s dad, Sheila and Jody saved baby Hymie from the system, and Frank is “gone” and no one seems to notice.  When Season 3 starts up tonight (9/8c on Showtime), things are still at status quo. Jimmy’s moved in, and everyone’s going through the motions.  Frank has been gone almost 5 months now, and only Debbie seems to care.

While Fiona continues to look for work, and Lip continues to fight against his brilliant future, the family comes together to make it work.  Jimmy’s marriage to Este rears its ugly head, quickly and dangerously, as does Kev’s marriage with crazy-ex Krystal.  When Frank does show up (because it’s not a spoiler that William H Macy is still on the show), he doesn’t exactly make anything better, and his storyline with one of his kids (and what he does for a quick buck) actually makes my heart ache.  The first four episodes of the new season show a lot of the same thing that we love about this show –  a completely dysfunctional family that is functioning as best it can.  Emmy Rossum continues to be amazing and Shanola Hampton gets some great stuff in the first 4 so far!  Be sure to tune in tonight and let us know what you think!