Reminder: COUGAR TOWN is now on TBS and it premieres tonight!

Cougar Town

I know; it feels like forever since we’ve hung out with the Cul-de-Sac Crew.  The show that tried for years to find footing on a network that continually deemed them unworthy of too much promotion has moved on to bigger and better things!  Tonight at 10/9c, COUGAR TOWN is back and as funny as ever – but don’t set your dial to ABC.  It’s airing on TBS, and if the constant stream of promotion is any indication, CT has found its forever home, and their network couldn’t possibly be more excited about it if they tried! **Update your DVRs if you haven’t already**

The comedy originally designed to be about single mom Jules trying to find a hot young lover (thusly named COUGAR TOWN) quickly developed into something so much more than that – an ensemble drama about this wacky group of friends in a Florida suburb (the local high school’s mascot is a Cougar…right?) who love each other unconditionally, and who will support each other, even if TPing a house or stalking a creepy neighbor’s creepy gold digging girlfriend is what they do for fun.

Season 4 picks up where Season 3 left off – Jules and Grayson are 1 week into their marriage and already, Jules is already worried that Grayson won’t follow her rules for being married, while Bobby tries (a little too late in life, perhaps) to teach Travis lessons on being a man.  Other episodes they screened for us include an exploration of Bob’s private life, partying with a guy named Ron Mexico, a flashback episode that discusses my favorite Romantic Comedy plot device – THE MEET CUTE.  And of course, it wouldn’t be COUGAR TOWN without Jules getting super weird about her mother/son relationship, and Travis suffering silently about his love for Laurie.

Sure, the 10PM time and airing on a cable network seems to make for a bit more wine, more sex, dirtier jokes, and some more skin (naked day!), but at the heart of it, the show remains what we’ve grown to love – Jules and her friends, doing stupid and insane things, drinking a million bottles of wine, and just being there for each other through whatever life brings.  It continues to be one of my top 10 shows and I hope that you’ll follow them to a new home right along with me!

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  • Enaira

    Cougar Town is like a grown up version of friends, if that makes any sense and I love the show. I’m glad to see it back on TV and I’m ready for some good laughs. My DISH co-worker was surprised that the show was picked up by TBS but I think it was a great move: it will allow the show to grow. I’ve got my DISH Hopper ready to record the show each week and with the capability to store up to 2,000 hours of TV shows and movies I know I’ll never miss my favorites. Best of all, my family can watch their favorites at the same time.