Courtney K preps you for the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Winter Premiere!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS returns to ABC Family tonight at 8/7c and CourtneyK wants to be sure you’re prepared – if you’re not caught up, beware of spoilers ahead!


Now that we’ve seen who the pair of A is (DARN YOU TOBY AND MONA!!) with that mind-blowing Halloween episode with a train ride to die for (see what I did there?) the New Year brings a new batch of trouble for our lovely little Liars.

Garrett’s death is front page news, first he’s arrested for murder, and then the evidence proves he’s innocent, but then he’s brutally murdered and Aria trapped in his death-box. Seriously, how gross was that?? If I were Aria I would be eating Sedative Squares for breakfast with a side of therapy every day. (And hello! She stabbed someone with a rusty screwdriver!!) And with the revelation that Mr. Montgomery may have been the last one to see Alison alive and may actually be the one who murdered her, ooooh-wheeee that’s a lot of new and game-changing information!

Let’s do a quick recap so we’re all prepared, shall we? Let’s begin.

Garrett confessed to Spencer that Jenna thought he killed Alison because he and Alison faked it; however, intentional or unintentional, that’s the question. (Does this mean that Alison knew someone was trying to kill her? Why didn’t Garrett tell his cop buddies this when he got on the force?? Le sigh, more questions.) After the fake bashing of Alison, Garrett went back and saw a heated conversation between Alison and (dunh-dunh-duh) Mr. Montgomery! This was something I did not see coming! What could Alison have had on Mr. Montgomery?? I hope they tell us soon!

Spencer, while the most suspicious of the bunch, is being fooled in a BIG TIME WAY by Toby. He acts the perfect boyfriend, but knowing that he’s a part of A makes everything he does seem heinous to me now. Every movement, every kiss to Spencer, it all makes me skin crawl now! Stupid Toby!!

Even though we know the pair of A identities, there’s more to the story. There always is, isn’t there? Tune in to the premiere of Pretty Little Liars tonight (1/8) on ABCFamily at 8/7c; I know I’ll be obsessively watching!