Courtney K Takes on the SWITCHED AT BIRTH Winter Premiere


WELCOME WELCOME 2013! With the winter break of Christmas Specials and cable shows, I hope you all have had a great Holiday season. Now, BRING ON THE NEW STUFF!

The last time we saw the Kennish/Vasquez tribe, they had just gone through an emotional trial resulting in verdicts in favor of our favorite blended family; however the majority of the spoils went to absentee-father Angelo (to the tune of $5 million bucks!). After the trial, we saw the semi-sisters Daphne and Bay sitting in a courtroom gallery when a very pregnant woman comes in and asks where Angelo is. Cue the music and we were left holding our jaws up off the floor!

Now everyone is back tonight at 8/7c when SWITCHED AT BIRTH comes back with an episode that shows some character improvements.

Bay has cleaned up her act, at least it seems that way. She’s at the very least less annoying at the moment. Last season she was the ultimate spoiled brat, acting out in the most obnoxious ways. I was finding myself wanting to fast forward through all her storylines. Now that she’s suffered from some of the ramifications of her actions, she appears have changed her tune. Not the easiest thing to do, and frankly it isn’t as well received as one would think.

Daphne is in the throes of a depression, though in typical Daphne style, she’s keeping it to herself and grinning and bearing it. The affair with her former boss and its subsequent abrupt ending have affected her in more ways than I think even she realizes. While she’s dealing with the usual stresses of her switched life, she’s also a lovesick teenager with a skewed view of what a healthy romance is. Poor dear.

The little show that started out with a soap-opera staple as its main plotline has branched out and away, growing with each season into a pretty well developed show. The reactions the characters have to their situations are fairly believable, less the amount of dramatic rage I would think they should have. But that’s beside the point. It tackles pretty big issues with grace and some dignity lacking in other shows.

If you’re already a fan, you’ll not be disappointed with the winter premier episode, if you haven’t caught one yet, GET ON IT! It’s a feel-good show with a well-rounded cast.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC Family.