CK Quicktake: BUNHEADS is FINALLY back!

SUTTON FOSTER, KAITLYN JENKINS, JULIA GOLDANI TELLESFINALLY!! After the most gut-wrenching first season finale ever, BUNHEADS is back on ABCFamily!! With the mishap at The Nutcracker recital (I mean seriously, mace-ing the dancers? It doesn’t get more shenanigan-y than that.) and the forced dismissal of Michele, how does a show recover from that??

With grace, style, and fast talkin’, that’s how! The song of my people, as written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, and sung by a cast that is quirky and eloquent and so incredibly talented it’s almost painful. From the toe shoes to the high-kicks, this show is FANTASTIC and continues to be so!

The good news: the show is back. The bad news: the studio is closed. CLOSED! A closed ballet studio?? Unthinkable! Since the *ahem* unpleasantness, Madame Fanny has closed the dance studio, leaving our favorite students (Boo, Sasha, Ginny and Melanie specifically) without horrifying foot callouses and without a sense of purpose. Fanny is just as lost.  How about Michele? Well….she’s back on stage, sort of.

Sarcasm, snark and hilarity abound in this winter premiere of BUNHEADS, Monday January 7th at 9/8c. Paired with the comeback of Switched at Birth, ABCFamily has really upped its game for Monday nights.