CourtneyK to REVOLUTION: Let’s have a talk, shall we?

As much as I enjoy a good Lord of the Flies themed episode, I’ve got some major issues with last night’s foray into the bleak future. On the upside, having the Children of the Corn and hairless Ewoks jokes? HILARIOUS!

Mama saying “Bass? Please stop” so mildly. Ridiculous. I’m liking her less and less. While I understand her need to save herself and her son, I just don’t care for her. No sympathy from me. She’s slipping further and further from my list of Likeables. If she gets booted off the island, I wouldn’t be shocked. Her “treachery” goes way waaaaaaaay back, and with that I’m yawning and giving her the big THUMBS DOWN.

In other “I’m not surprised news”; we now know that the Pendant Group accidentally created the blackout technology. While looking for clean and self-sustaining energy, they created the very chaos that sent the entire world into the dark ages. The road to hell is supposedly paved with good intentions.

Does anybody else love it when Miles’ Spidey-Sense tingles? I just love it. The look on Billy Burke’s face is priceless every time. Though, I feel like it’s quickly becoming a drinking game: Every time Miles gets that Spidey-Sense look, DRINK!

Speaking of Miles, he’s got the biggest load to bear and boy-HOWDY are they laying it on thick with him! The guy takes responsibility for everything. And yes, it may be at least partially true, the dude is so guilt riddled it’s becoming as common place as Charlie crying. Ugh, the Charlie crying.

The worst possible timing award goes to Aaron and his farkakte Pendant! I mean really! The Militia guys are above their heads, it’s just Aaron and the Wild Things (hmm, good band name) and now the Pendant turns itself on?? Granted, it gave Miles and The Gang the advantage in their rescue attempt; but I was terrified for the Wild Things, especially the one under the stairs. She looked like she was about to shriek and who could blame her? At least Aaron got to be the hero and apparently redeem all of Grown-Up kind in the eyes of the Wild Things.

My favorite? Aaron and Miles going beard to eyebrow. OOOH WHEE! That was a fabulous exchange, wasn’t it? Aaron with his shaky defiance and Miles with his growling resolve. AWESOME! And over too soon. Now Charlie knows about the Pendant’s existence, well shoot. Now the secret is bound to get everywhere.

What did you think? How do you like where Revolution seems to be headed? Share your thoughts, y’all!