Since we have a night off from the excitement of REVOLUTION, Courtney K is checking in with where we stand so far:

The post-electric-apocalyptic drama REVOLUTION is powering ahead and getting stronger!  With last week’s major revelations and a two week hiatus, I figured now would be a good time to run some of the information down and see what we’ve got. Let’s begin, shall we?

Pendants of Power (or PoP’s). There are 12. That’s more than I thought! Granted, it appears that the PoP’s are strewn about where? The world? The continental U.S.? That would make sense. If the PoP’s are global, we’re in for a loooong series. Unless of course, the power comes back on and our plucky teams of Rescue Revengers and Militia Meatheads can fly or drive their way around the world to retrieve the precious PoPs. With Momma Matheson giving Monroe that tidbit of information, it’s about to get very real out there, methinks. Monroe has no problem with the whole torture thang, and now that he knows there’s PoP’s? We’re going to see a real influx of crazy.

Charlie has great hair. She knows how to handle a crossbow. Charlie is a crier. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good crier. But seriously? It’s every episode. I’m starting to worry about dehydration with this girl. I understand, it’s all very tragic what’s been happening. But c’mon! It’s been time for her to toughen up for at least 3 episodes, and we’ve only had 5. There better be at least two episodes where Charlie doesn’t shed a tear. I mean it. If she keeps up with the waterworks, I’m going to have to start chasing my eyeballs around the room because they’ll be rolling out of my head.

Uncle Miles is a total badass. End of line. Well, there’s more, but SERIOUSLY that guy is a badass!!  He just keeps getting better. Even though the majority of his scenes are physical altercations, and they are always impressive; I’m impressed more by the way Uncle Miles always seems conflicted by what he knows and what he has to do.  Billy Burke has mastered what I like to call, The “small eyeroll, deep sigh and bark”. Sometimes the bark is loud, but the most affective is the low grumbly bark. When his resolve is clear but smothered in snark. Those are the best! When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, I want to be around Uncle Miles. No question.

Monroe is crazy. That’s….kind of all we know for sure. Well, we know he goes pretty far in history with the Matheson Fam. And he’s a jerk. Still unknown is his rise to power with The Militia. Though we’ve been given little peeks at his relationship with Miles, it’s vague but easily assumed that he wasn’t bloodthirsty in his origins. He’s twisted. That’s for sure. And he’s driven.

Momma Matheson, well well well, she’s been holding out on us! At first she seemed like a throw away character, but now it’s coming out that she’s really involved in all this! She’s not just a side-lines kind of gal, she’s in the thick of it! Unfortunately, it also appears that she isn’t blameless in the Power Outage. So she’s got some explaining to do all around.

Maggie is a goner. Frankly, since Momma Matheson is alive and kicking that wouldn’t have been a Meet-Cute bringing the two of them together. While Momma Matheson was always presumed dead, somehow I don’t think it would have set well with her to know that Papa Matheson was shacking up with another blonde. When Maggie’s story unfolded, I was moved. Her death didn’t do much for the storyline other than be sad.

We’ve got Rebels (right here in River City!…sorry, couldn’t help it) amongst us! Guerilla warfare versus military might; it’s all very Revolutionary War isn’t it? We’ve gotten a taste of what’s to come from our Rebels, but little backstory as of yet. It’s got to get juicier, right? There’s major plot meat there, personally I really want more of it.

Captain Neville used to be a mild-mannered insurance adjuster with his anger management in check. Taking out his frustrations on a heavy bag in the basement, he was completely tame. The blackout happens and HELLOOO CAPTAIN TOUGH GUY! Part of me cheered and part of me cringed when Neville came unglued on his annoying thief of a neighbor. It appears that the switch was flipped and there’s no reining him in now.

Random Guy is actually Neville’s son, Jason! Holy smokes! I didn’t really see that one coming, mainly because I figured that some tragedy befell the son and that’s what sent Neville over the edge and over again. Now that his origin is established, Jason can start really becoming the Charlie love interest we all know he is. He’s shown he’s conflicted, now we know how deep it can go. He knows the difference between right and wrong, but those definitions are in conflict with one another. He could be a really rich character!

So, what have we got? We’ve got impending war, martial law, family drama, families reunited and ripped apart, and there’s that pesky thing of there’s still no electricity and nobody knows why. That’s quite a bit! I’m looking forward to the next episode and uncovering the next layer that REVOLUTION has to offer, are you?