My Take on…HAVEN Season 3 Premiere “301”

A lot of fuss has been made these last few years about Syfy’s great scripted shows, like WAREHOUSE 13, ALPHAS, and EUREKA (before its untimely demise), but little gets said about one of my favorite reasons to turn the network on Friday nights: the criminally under-discovered gem HAVEN.  HAVEN stars Emily Rose as Audrey Parker (or Lucy Ripley, or Sarah before that), an FBI agent turned local police detective in the crazy and dangerous town of Haven, ME.

When we last left Audrey, she had discovered that Duke (Eric-Freaking-Balfour) had instructions from his dear old dad to kill Audrey.  On top of that, she and her partner, Nathan Wournos (played by Lucas Bryant), had finally decided to act on their mutual attraction, setting up a home-cooked dinner date to celebrate.  Before the data could start, Audrey answered the door to what she thought was Nathan, only to be tasered and abducted, ending the season on a cliffhanger that I’ve been dying to see play out.

When we get back to HAVEN, Nathan and Duke find themselves reluctantly working together to find Audrey before something terrible happens to her, and by proxy, to the town.  Pairing up with a man convinced that aliens took his family, they search high and low for their girl.  The episode is full of action and emotions, and really got me excited about what’s coming for the season.  I think that there is something so exciting about the way this semi love-triangle continues to play out.  Duke plays the protective best friend figure, and Nathan is hesitant to push too far in his rapidly growing attraction to Audrey, so the push and pull we get to see come out of that interaction has been great. It’s also great to see Adam “Edge” Copeland back as Dwight, the town’s “fixer,” and new addition Bree Williamson (Audrey’s new therapist) is a fun friend-prospect for Audrey.  All in all, the stage is set for a great new season.

What do you think?  Will you be watching HAVEN this year?

HAVEN airs at 10/9c on Syfy Fridays, after WWE. Check out my chat with the HAVEN crew over sushi, from San Diego Comic Con – they give great teases!