Quick Take: PARENTHOOD Season 4 cannot be missed!

You know how you’re always looking for a really well-written, well-lit, well-acted, family drama, from the makers of shows like FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?  Well look no further than PARENTHOOD, returning tonight on NBC at 10/9c.  Season 4 of one of the best shows on TV starts at the end of the summer, as Haddie (Sarah Ramos) prepares for her cross-country journey to Cornell, and the family gathers together to say good-bye.  Ray Romano joins the cast for a few episodes as a rough-around-the-edges photographer with whom Sarah finds common ground.  Meanwhile, Mark tries to figure out his place in the Braverman family, as does Julia and Joel’s newest addition, Victor.  In other news, Amber’s working at The Luncheonette, Drew’s awaiting Amy’s return, and Crosby and Jasmine try to figure out how to keep spirit, but not necessarily religion, in Jabbar’s life.

The show is just the right mix of humor, happiness, sadness, and emotions – it’s what you’ve been waiting for, and you should give it a whirl!

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  • cheri

    I have loved Parenthood since day one. I think it has a good mix of comedy and drama in it. This season premiere was a very good start to the season. I am excited to see what happens with Sarah and her love triangle. Or what seems to be brewing. I forgot that the premiere last night until I looked at my PrimeTime Anytime recordings and saw it on there. I am so glad that my Hopper automatically records all the PrimeTime shows on this feature. I watched it this morning while I was getting ready for work so that I could talk to my co-worker at Dish about this episode. You can tell that this season is definitely going to be a really good one.