WELL! It’s been an interesting, to say the least, summer season for Pretty Little Liars. With the season finale, #TheBetrAyal as we’re being reminded of ever-so not subtly, counting down the promise to a big reveal; it’s time to take stock. What do we know?

We’ve had some new characters thrown at us: CeCe Drake (or Alison Sr. as I’ve been referring to her), the mysteriously glamorous ex-homecoming queen that used to be friends with Alison, though let’s get something straight. If she was supposed to be an upperclassmen in their small town school, how did the Liars never ever meet her before??? It is a really big hole in the storyline. I’ve been willing to buy into it because they needed to re-establish more in-depth Alison backstory and there’s only so much we can watch with just Alison and the Liars. With CeCe filling in the blanks, she feels like someone who could definitely wind up being A. She just seems to know the right information at just the right time, it’s highly suspect.

The cousin of dearly departed Maya, Nate has been front and center lately. His grief over Maya was understandable, but his blatant flirting, kiss with Emily, and scorned rage over Jenna; he’s a livewire. I don’t trust him. He feels like a throw away character, he burns too hot to me.

We’ve got two new fellas to gawk at, and they are both for Mamas! Hanna’s Mom and the Pastor, Aria’s Mom and the Coffee shop guy. I gotta say, I approve of both! I don’t think either is going to wind up nefarious. But they are worth mentioning.

Noel Kahn is back, and he’s with Jenna. Can we all just agree that dude is a sociopath?? He enjoys being perceived as “the bad boy” waaaaaay too much.  And combine him with formerly blind Jenna, it’s a rancid match. There was that minor incident at the party cabin, with the Truth Game and I thought we were going to get some answers. Instead, it was pick on Aria night and we were left wanting. The bumpy reveal of the video surveillance from the party cabin gave us some creep-factor insight. Maya was staying at the party cabin, that’s where she was abducted. BUT did the Liars go to the police with this new found huge evidence??? No, of course not. That would be logical. Le sigh.

Ezra has a little brother named Wes! Ezra’s last name is actually Fitzgerald, Oh and he’s rich with a capitol $. He’s also got a kid, though he doesn’t have a clue. Did anyone else want to shriek at the screen when Aria found out and didn’t tell him??? Something tells me that Wes is going to “accidently” tell Ezra or Ezra’s Mom about the mini-Ezra walking about and that’s how Ezra is going to find out. Yeesh. It’s really a no-win, the fact that she didn’t tell him straight away is going to be and ender for that inappropriate relationship, methinks.

Let’s just call it: Paige is crazy. Paige is my vote for the latest A candidate. She’s got some serious anger-management issues and a violent streak. Some people have proposed that she was under duress from the torment of Alison, but I call shenanigans! Her reaction to Emily having to work Jenna’s party was to drink. Her reaction to Emily showing up at her house, hammered beyond the telling of it, not to tell her immediately. Her reaction to Emily’s question about knowing Alison, to lie, granted she did wind up telling her the truth, according to her. There’s just something hinky about it. I know that the bullying story was supposed to drum up sympathy, but all it did was make me think she’s lying even more.  Then there’s the Jenna warning. Whether it was about Paige or Nate? We don’t know really. Ok, fine, if you don’t want to agree with her being cray-cray, then can we at least agree that she’s got to be an agent of A?? She’s so erratic, there just no way she’s not an A instrument. Spencer finding that earring in the purse, it just sealed the deal for me. Paige is to be feared.

There’s been a whole lot of…not much this season. Not many reveals that keep popping up. So many loose ends that could still be in play. A great surprise was the tail end of Single Fright Female, where we saw very plainly two black gloved/hooded people at the jukebox. We’re still working with a team, it’s like the Master and the Sith. (Sorry, my Jedi is showing) Somehow my thought that this Master A has a whole network of Little A’s running around Rosewood is being proven correct.

So, does anybody have any theories as to what the big reveal is going to be tonight?? I know I can’t wait watch!!


  • I was shocked when I saw what the big reveal was. I did not see that one coming! Hopefully, there’s that wasn’t what it looked like. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s all part of an elaborate plan to keep Spencer safe..

  • CourtneyK

    Lindsay – I KNOW, right??? Gah!! I threw my hands up to the ceiling and bellowed “WHYYYY???” But then I realized that there’s GOT to be a Big A, the PuppetMaster and Toby ain’t it. There’s just no way.
    Here’s hoping your theory is right!!

  • Especially after the steamy afternoon spent with would just be toooo wrong. Anyways, I love that at least one of the Liars’ loves would take a bullet for their sweetie..literally! I heart Caleb, but I still haven’t given up hope on Toby.