Emmy Spotlight: Happy Birthday to wait…who? Oh right, Benedict Cumberbatch!

With the Emmy nomination announcements early early this morning (I’m with Kimmel, these would’ve been just as good at say, noon?) the buzz is palpable. Snubs, apparent legacies, shocks, and this sneaky little British invasion are flying around water coolers and RSS readers all over. One name that may be quietly highlighted is that of one Benedict Cumberbatch.

I’m sorry, what was his name??? Benedict Cumberbatch!! Those “in the know” are no stranger to him (I’m looking at you Tumblr), anyone who has the good fortune of knowing a Brit or Aussie (I do! I do!) have been inundated with commands of “You simply must watch SHERLOCK”. Now that the Masterpiece Mini-Series has been nominated for Sherlock: A Scandal In Belgravia, (the first episode of the second season) I predict that there will be an even stronger push for PBS to marathon-style the 6 episodes that Moffat and Gatniss have deigned to give us. (That’s right, there’s 2 seasons, but only 6 episodes total.) Granted, DVD sets are easy to get (thank you, Amazon.com).

With the mini-series getting a nom, it was no shock to me that the actor playing Sherlock Holmes would also be nominated. Benedict Cumberbatch (who turns 36 today) is no new-comer. His imdb.com filmography is impressive, but mainly consists of British projects and bit-parts here and there in major films. Then BOOM!!! The Sherlock series and now he’s in even bigger films like the new Star Trek installment and The Hobbit: There and Back Again. Needless to say, here in The States, we’re going to be seeing much more of his high-high­ cheekbones, his impossibly blue eyes, his oddly deep voice (he sounds like a much older man), his impressive 6’ lanky frame, and his perfectly wavy/curly hair across our magazine covers and television screens. And I am anxiously awaiting the onslaught! He’s very dreamy! He’s also very good!

The way Cumberbatch portrays Sherlock Holmes is dynamic and twisted. With an arrogance and innocence that I can’t remember seeing anywhere, and I love RDJ in the film adaptations. Cumberbatch just has this way of throwing a fit that makes him seem like he’s a petulant child denied treats before dinner, then seconds later he’s analyzing a brutal crime with such a thorough and rapier quick mind it leaves the audience dumbfounded and cheering! Part of that’s the writing, part of it’s the package!

If you get the chance; rent, buy, or DVR if you can the first two seasons of Sherlock by Masterpiece. You’ll completely understand why The Emmy’s have thrust both the series and the star into our sights. It’s elementary my dears, but must be said, I’m excited to be watching!