BFF: OK, to whom do we send Scoops and copies of Steely Mags to save this show?

I have a lot of great, close, and funny friends. The kinds of friends where the inside jokes go back so far you don’t even really remember why they are funny anymore. When you can say, or text a single word or phrase to them (Kthothis, Ha-Yearnin’, Cochabamba, Handbags, Bee In My Pants) and the two of you do spittakes of laughter until nobody can breathe. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (BFF) is about that kind of friendship.

Earlier this year, the little show debuted with almost no network support. A funky time slot, a funky late season premiere, no big names involved. The poor show never had a chance. It happens. It’s not cool, but it happens.

This show should be HUGE! The writing is really funny, the acting is spot-on; it’s short, sweet, and hysterical.  It’s so relatable it’s almost scary! Creators and stars Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair have the creative talent and obviously they have their characters down; the “third wheel” Joe (Luka Jones who I have a total crush on @lukajones, #CallMeLuka) is cuddly and manly all at once, putting up with sharing his lady love, while her best friend is in major life-crisis mode.

There’s no reason this show can’t be picked up by another network!! Since all 6 episodes (yes, I’m THAT invested and there are only 6 EPISODES; it’s that good!!) are now available on hulu.com; I’m really hoping that there’s some sort of app somewhere that can show the other networks the numbers from the hulu viewership. I think it’s exploding. I know that Twitter has a hashtag campaign going (#SaveBFF) and there’s some solid fan-backing there. Last year’s breakout hit, Happy Endings had huge support from Twitter users. So c’mon Twitter! Let’s get this show saved! TBS? TNT? Bravo? A&E? Lifetime? USA? Somebody??? I’ll buy as many copies of Steel Magnolias as I can get my hands on. I’ll buy Tostitos Scoops every day, if that’s what it takes!! Can we pull a CHUCK and buy nothing but sandwiches?? I think we can! This show is worth saving! Just as an idea, it would pair beautifully with Cougartown…you listening TBS?? I’m just sayin’. I’ve had BFF on a loop via hulu.com for days. DAYS. It’s yet to get old. I think the original network pulled a Shelby and cut BFF too early. It’s up to another wise executive to pick up where they dropped.




  • I love this show so much! I’m with you – only 6 episodes and I’m dying for more!! I need to know what happens!!

  • Totally agree. This show is really well done and could be one of the best shows on TV. I hope they find a new home somewhere



  • Aaron

    The first time i watched the pilot, I watched it 5 times straight and never stopped laughing. every episode was that way!!!

  • CourtneyK

    MadLuv – agreed!
    Aaron – I know right??? I have it on continued loop. Every time I watch I laugh. No matter how many times 🙂