DALLAS returns tonight! Get caught up on the major DALLAS moments in this refresher!

Tonight on TNT, at 9/8c, the Ewings, with all their family and oil business drama, are coming back to our TV screens after many years away! They may have gotten older, but that is about all that’s changed, as Bobby and JR, their sons, Sue Ellen, and South Fork are back and dealing with some of the same old issues. What surprised me most about tonight’s premiere is how much like old-DALLAS this show is. One of the better send ups or spin offs that I’ve seen in years, this show takes what we know and just examines it’s further, erasing the doubt and skepticism I was holding onto. Check out a recap of all of the major DALLAS events to get you prepared to join the new blood of South Fork Ranch tonight!

Will you be watching tonight? Were you a fan of the original series of the same name? Were you as skeptical as I was?  Let us know in the comments!