Giveaway: Celebrate SUITS in style!

USA’s crtically-acclaimed, award-nominated hit original series from last summer,  SUITS, returns for its much-anticipated sophomore season on Thursday, June 14  at 10/9c, for ten all-new episodes. The series stars SAG Award-nominated Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Meghan Markle, Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman and Sarah Rafferty.

SUITS delves into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law firm where Macht stars as legendary law partner, Harvey Specter, and SAG Award-nominee Adams stars as his brilliant, but not-technically-legal associate Mike Ross. Despite his lack of bonafide credentials, Mike’s photographic memory and encyclopedic legal knowledge make him an invaluable asset to Harvey. The dynamic duo have managed to guard the secret thus far, but as the first season came to a close, Mike’s future hangs in the balance when his ex-best friend sets out to expose him to the firm’s top suit, Jessica Pearson (Torres).  But, Jessica could have bigger problems on her hands when the other half of Pearson Hardman, Daniel (guest star David Costabile) reemerges on the scene. Meanwhile, Mike’s love life has become complicated after he crossed the line with the firm’s best paralegal and his only friend in the office, Rachel (Markle). For more information, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages!

To celebrate the return of one of my favorite shows (full review coming later this week, but spoiler alert, it’s INCREDIBLE), I’ve teamed up with USA Network to offer a unique prize pack to one lucky winner – SUITS and Mr Porter are teaming up in a first-of-its-kind partnership between television and fashion (read here for more info), and one lucky reader will reap the benefits!  We’re pleased to offer Season 1 of SUITS on DVD, in addition to a $200 gift card to Mr Porter!!

There are two ways to enter! 

Tell us in the comments of this post what your favorite thing about SUITS style is – is it Harvey’s suits, Mike’s laidback attitude, or Donna (always Donna) in general?  Is it something else?

You can also enter on Twitter (copy and paste filling in the blanks):

@mytakeontv I love _____’s style the most on SUITS because _____. #SUITSSTYLE

For example:

@mytakeontv I love Donna’s style the most on SUITS because she never has a hair out of place! #SUITSSTYLE

Good luck! One winner will be chosen at random via email and notified on June 18!

The prize was provided by USA Network, but USA Network is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. Contest open to US residents only.


  • Jason

    My favorite thing about SUITS style is how Mike’s ties never got any bigger/wider since the pilot after Harvey made that “skinny tie” reference.

  • Kayla

    My favorite things bout SUITS style is Donna and Harvey’s relationship or just Donna in general. She is hilarious and makes the best jokes. Perhaps also the fact that Harvey has an ELEVATOR in his condo. Seriously, how cooler can it get?

  • Kayla

    Whoops, guess I didn’t really mention anything about style. Perhaps you can delete that last comment for me?

    My favorite thing about SUITS style is Harvey and Mike’s hair! It is always perfect. I also have to agree with the previous comment about Mike’s skinny ties. Hah!

  • Ben S.

    I like Mike – really! He is an amazing charachter, who knows the law cold, has great instincts, and has everything one needs to practice law – everything, that is, but a law degree! Its great that he is in a snobby law firm that don’t look beyond Harvard alum, and that Mike is able to stay under cover, wear his “suit” and adapt. Great series!

  • bn100

    My favorite thing about suits is Donna and anything Donna says.

  • Jake

    Just the classic legal style