Quick Take: JANE BY DESIGN is back tonight!

Time to admit it – I fell hard for JANE BY DESIGN in the first half of its freshman season.  There are so many dynamics being played with in this show – sister/brother, best friends, enemies, new loves, mentors, you name it, they’ve got it covered!  When the show returns tonight to finish out the season, we dive right back into Jane’s crazy double life, and it turns out we aren’t the only ones who’ve waited for months to see what comes of the “It’s You, Janie” that Billy muttered on a catwalk at Fashion Week.

The show is fast and fun, and Erica Dasher (Jane) continues to win me over with her charm; I couldn’t love Billy more (Nick Roux).  And David Rogers (Ben)?  He is a continuous breath of fresh air and his relationship with Rita Shaw is darling!

JANE BY DESIGN returns tonight on ABC Family at 9/8c after an all new episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.