My Take on DROP DEAD DIVA Season 4

Season 4 of one of my favorite summer shows, DROP DEAD DIVA, returns tonight and I couldn’t be happier.  Season three’s finale left us with so many questions!! Did Jane end up staying in Italy with Owen?  Did Grayson convince her to stay in time?  Will Jane and Stacy work it all out?  And where oh where has Fred gone?

Don’t worry folks, the season premiere answers all of that, and more!!  With (spoiler alert), Jane in Italy, things back at the firm aren’t going too smoothly.  Kim sends Teri to find her, and bring her back, with promises of private washroom keys and just about anything else Jane could ask for!  Grayson has spent the few weeks pining for Jane, deciding that he’s going to make a play for the woman who is Deb.  He’s so convinced, he’s started investigating the day Deb died and the day Jane got shot and putting all of the pieces together.  Stacy is reeling from what happened with Fred, and what happens when he comes back, let alone how her best friend Jane is treating her – remember that little kiss Jane witnessed?  Yeah, it doesn’t go over well.  Add to that the court case of a husband and wife who are pitted against each other over the death of the wife’s lover.

Oh and did we mention Kim Kardashian?

Color me surprised that I didn’t dislike Kardashian nearly as much as I had anticipated I would.  Playing an actual character, and not herself, she’s working at a juice bar, and offering advice to Stacy that immediately blows up in her face.  After a cell phone switcheroo, the women are in business together, and starting to wreak havoc on Stacy and Jane.  Where I worried that she’d bring the show down, because, let’s be honest, she’s not an actor, nor is she close to as great as the rest of the cast, but she’s not throwing me off too much, and I have no issue saying that she’s okay!

Within the first three episodes, we are set up for an incredible season, with the tables turned, Grayson pining for Jane, and a brand new “angel investor,” Luke, causing one too many struggles in Jane’s life.  I’ve already laughed and cried about the show, and that was in the first hour this season, so I can only imagine what’s coming next!

DROP DEAD DIVA premieres tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime. Will you be tuning in?