Giveaway: COMMON LAW prize pack!

COMMON LAW, starting Friday, at 10/9c on USA, is about two cops with a problem – each other.  Despite their differences, they are incredible detectives. When things come to a head during their “seven-year itch” as partners, their captain forces them into couples’ therapy to save their “work marriage.”  Despite being an odd couple, Travis Marks (Ealy) and Wes Mitchell (Kole) are incredible at what they love most – enforcing the law – and have a seven-year track record as the LAPD’s best detectives in the Robbery-Homicide Division.  As their constant bickering begins to have a major impact on their work, their new-age captain (McGee) sends them to couples’ therapy to bring back the flame in their relationship.  Tough-as-nails therapist Dr. Ryan (Walger) is brought in to help them understand and resolve their conflicts and confront their demons in order to enhance their ability to work together solving crimes.

As Dr. Ryan learns about her new clients, we find out these two are birds of a feather professionally, and their personal differences actually balance them out.  Wes is a former lawyer whose sensitivity to an event in his life sparked his desire to become a cop, but sacrificed his marriage in the process.  He sees things in black and white, is responsible, compulsively organized, methodical and often over thinks decisions. Travis is a former juvenile delinquent and a maverick ladies man who has a fear of abandonment, commitment and intimacy. While he’s an open book and deeply trusts his gut instincts, he’s carefree, irresponsible, disorganized and doesn’t play by the rules. We soon learn that a successful relationship or partnership doesn’t mean you have to like the same things; you just have to hate the same things and sometimes that makes for a stronger union. Fore more information on COMMON LAW, check out the USA site, Facebook, and Twitter!

Wes and Travis are cop partners with a big problem: each other. Everyone knows that the first step to making a relationship work is clear communication.  While Wes and Travis learn how to talk it out, here are some key pieces necessary to open the channels of communication and keep the conversation flowing.

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To enter to win this great prize pack, check out this preview clip from Friday’s premiere and tell us what you’re looking forward to most!  One winner will be chosen at random and notified next week!

I’ll start: Warren Kole is my new TV boyfriend. I’m looking forward to that each week ha!


  • bill norris

    lookin forward to the quipy 1 liners and the knock down drag out brawls that are sure to happen

  • Jen

    Michael Ealy’s dreamy eyes…oh and the show will probably be good too.

  • Anita

    This looks like another fun USA series. I like the banter between the 2 main characters. They sound like an old married couple. Looking forward to more of the sarcasm between these two.

  • Beth T.

    I am looking forward to weekly therapy sessions with the actress I loved as Penny on Lost.

  • LB

    Looking forward to the banter between the characters.

  • bn100

    I’m looking forward to them trying to work together.

  • Debbie E

    Seems like the series will have a lot of heart underneath the snark.

  • Ben S.

    Sounds like a great plot idea! USA has some pretty great shows, but I hadn’t heard of this one before. Thanks for turning me on to it. It has just become must-watch TV!!!

  • Carmen

    Loved the premiere last night, I had high hopes for this show, and I wasn’t disappointment! Loved the banter between Wes and Travis, they had some great one liners! I look forward to seeing how their relationship progresses over the season, to see if couple’s therapy works for them.

  • Melissa

    I’m looking forward to seeing Sonya Walger back on tv. Loved her as Penny on Lost. Other then that, I try and check out each new USA Network show. The programming USA has is that good.