Book Review: Sex, Drugs & Superheroes – a love letter to Comic Con from David Reddish

“Normals” see a Comic Con as weird. FanBoys/FanGirls/Geeks/Nerds see it as The Ultimate Show. The creative types whose love of fantasy, fiction, action, gaming, movies, books and art have a deep appreciation for San Diego Comic Con especially. Putting a Comic Con experience into words is near impossible. David Reddish has managed to incorporate the realistic and the unattainable interactions in one fail swoop!

The phrase that comes to my mind when referring to Comic Con is always “Chaotic Zoo of the Unwashed Masses”; however Reddish manages to show a love story and level of sweetness that every Con Attendee secretly wishes for. (Gay, Straight, or Purple Alien alike!!) All while navigating among the scantily dressed cosplayers! I thoroughly enjoyed Sex Drugs And Superheroes and encourage those who understand the FanBoy/FanGirl mindset to give it a read.

The book, SEX, DRUGS & SUPERHEROES: A SAVAGE JOURNEY INTO A WRETCHED HIVE OF SCUM AND SUPER VILLAINY (THE COMIC-CON CHRONICLES), by writer David Reddish with illustrations by Michael Szalapski, is available now for Kindle and Nook!