FRINGE is coming back!

After much speculation, I am happy to report (from Amrie) that FOX has decided to keep FRINGE alive for at least one more season! HOORAY!! I’d held off writing about my amazing opportunity during WonderCon 2012 to sit at the round tables with cast members Blair Brown (Nina Sharp), Seth Gabel (Lincoln Lee), John Noble (Dr. Walter Bishop, oh how I adore him!), Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) and Executive Producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman. Frankly, because I didn’t want to jinx it! They all were so delightful it was breaking my heart to think that they may not get another season. So I crossed my fingers and it’s proved lucky!

The EPs Wyman and Pinkner have a plan! Wyman says, “We’ve always known where the show is going,” and Pinkner adds, “The ending of this season is pivotal.”

Well…duh guys!! But I was ecstatic to hear they aren’t just winging it. They have a purpose; a specific story to tell. They’ve done a fantastic job so far, and they’ve even crossed over into comic books to assist with the telling!

Nina has become quite the bad guy in the Alter-Niverse. And Blair had to endure the torture of the, well torture scenes.  “The arc [for Nina] has been a surprise,” says Brown.  “Those scenes were painful! I got a knot on the back of my head [from thrashing around]!”

With that level of commitment in the acting, it’s no wonder that the fans are so loyal!

Seth Gabel agrees, telling us at WonderCon, “We have a very loyal fan base. They’ve kept at very least consistent baseline that [the numbers] don’t drop below.”

We’ve gotten to see the Astrid’s meet, we also got a Lincoln-centric episode too! That was a hard one. Having only one Linc survive. It also leads me to believe that Faux-Livia (redhead Olivia) actually had a deeper relationship with her Lincoln, though maybe that’s something yet to be revealed.

We’ve got a few episodes left, including the season 4 finale. I’m so happy for the cast and crew, they’ve really got a good show going and I’m excited to see what season 5 is going to bring! I’ll be watching for sure!