Dear SUPERNATURAL: Stop breaking my heart!

Seriously. I can’t even begin to describe the emotional wreckage this show has done to me.

Every time, and I mean every time I start to write about SUPERNATURAL I get mad. And sad. To quote Gilmore Girls, “I’m SMAD!” Yes, there is still speculation about a Season 8. But c’mon there’s been season after season of terrific and painful storylines, granted these pains were smattered between hilarity. Which made the show’s gross out factor manageable and having two of the hottest pieces of man-candy doesn’t hurt either. But it was the funny stuff that makes this show so dear to my heart.

And now, the bodies can’t drop fast enough! It’s like a Joss Whedon series! They have never been afraid to kill off anybody gruesomely, but it hurts worse when it’s someone who’s become crucial to the base of the show.  After the death of Bobby, de facto father figure. I had to give myself a SUPERNATURAL break for a few weeks.

I know, that’s stupid. But hey, I’m invested! They wanted powerful reactions, that was mine. To quit for awhile. To watch my twitter feed for @jumblejim (Jim Beaver plays Bobby) and pout. He’s been the source of logic, the tether that’s kept our boys from flying off the canyon edge. And they killed him off. Now that his spirit chose to stick around, even though there will probably be dire consequences (READ: He’s probably going to go ghostly-bonkers and have to be ganked by the very boys he stuck around for).

So we’ve gone to a very very dark place. We’ve been to hell. HELL!  We’ve got nowhere left to go! There’s so much bad and heavy news at every turn for Sam and Dean, it’s getting difficult to watch. The writers have been trying to lighten things up. Including a silly sidekick and a booze based episode was smart. But I’m still wincing. Having Bobby show up at the tail end brought me down. I was really hoping he’d done the right thing and moved on to peaceful pastures. Alas, no.  And I’m in need of a win. A funny, funny win! Give our boys something to smile about, something to make all their torture heal just the tiniest bit! I’ll keep watching for it, will you?