Give BEST FRIENDS FOREVER a (second) chance!

I’ll admit that when I watched the premiere of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, I wasn’t immediately hooked.  I liked the cast, I liked the idea and story behind the show, but it didn’t strike me as must watch until I watched the pilot again.  From that second viewing, I was smitten.  While HAPPY ENDINGS is on hiatus (and yes, I realize they’re on separate networks), BFF has taken the top spot on the “let me swap ridiculous quote text messages with Ducky” list – last week’s was “You Cracked the Case! Congratulations Brenda Leigh Johnson from The Closer!”  Having seen tonight’s all new episode, I can only image what’s in store for our communication tonight!

Jessica St Clair and Lennon Parham have such an incredible chemistry that has come from years of them working together that I would totally believe they’ve had experiences together like the ones that their onscreen Jess and Lennon are going through.  Tonight’s new episode, “Single and Loving It,” follows the ready-to-date-again Jess back into the dating world and as is the case with her, all the time, always, it doesn’t go well.  Guest spots from favorites Ryan Hansen and Aaron Hill (Beaver from GREEK) added already great layers to an episode I’ve now watched 4 times and still laugh out loud with each viewing.  Next week’s episode, featuring a blast from Lennon’s past and a dance performance to die for, means that now is the perfect time to get on board!

It might not have been your cup of tea upon first viewing, but give the show a second chance – it’s a good one!

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  • Kyle

    While I really like the characters and premise, and the show makes me smile, I have yet to really laugh while watching this series. I suspect it won’t be back after the 6 episodes air, but I’ll continue to watch.