Monday Must Watch: Final EUREKA Season Premiere on Syfy

This preview will contain mild spoilers that are included in the Syfy episode blurb on many TV listing sites, but be warned if you want to remain completely story-line naive for the show’s return at 9/8c TONIGHT on Syfy!

When we last left our favorite folks of EUREKA, the Astraeus mission was off to an already rocky start when Allison ended up on board when the ship, seemingly launching itself, took off for the planet Titan! The season premiere picks up right where we left off, with our merry gang of space travelers, waking from their pods to discover that they’re in a bit of a pickle.  By the time they end up back in EUREKA, the crew and the viewers come to realize that a significant amount of time has passed.  While recovering from the initial shock, the many changes at home throw everyone for a loop; I likened it to a significant punch to the gut that takes you a while to recover from.

While few things have remained the same, like Jack being Sheriff, many other things in EUREKA have changed dramatically, and the team’s acclimation to the strange new world is a constant struggle.  I can’t say much else without giving away the entire episode, but for those of you watching tonight when the show returns for their final season premiere (the show was canceled earlier this fall), once you get over the initial gut punch, remember to have faith in the writing team as they continue finding ways to re-invent a series that we love while keeping it fresh and different (episodes 2 and 3 pack in more emotional wallops and that fun and adventure that we’ve come to love).  Don’t miss tonight’s premiere and maybe set the DVR over for a minute or two – you do NOT want to miss the final scene!

Will you be watching EUREKA tonight?  It’s so hard to say good-bye!

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