THE L.A. COMPLEX Introduces New Face Benjamin Charles Watson to The CW

benjamin_charles_watsonBenjamin Charles Watson is a relatively new face to television. However, you will be seeing much more of him this spring as he appears in the CW Network’s brand new show The L.A. Complex.

Success Is New to Watson

When I speak with Watson, he is quite overwhelmed by his sudden “star” status. “It’s a big adjustment,” he contemplates. “People come up to me and tell me how much they love the show and the character. It’s really cool. But, at the same time, it freaks me out a bit. I’m a modest guy. I’m trying to take it in stride as much as I can.”

Audition Pays Off Second Time Around

Watson actually auditioned for his role twice. He describes the first audition as “not the best ever.” So, he’s still a bit surprised he actually got the part of the hip-hop artist, Tariq.

The L.A. Complex is a new series on the CW that channels the quest of a group of twenty-something roommates who all share the single-minded goal to “make it” in Hollywood.

And Watson seems to think the portrayal is pretty accurate. “It’s very difficult,” he says. “All these characters have friends that have gone on to star in hit TV shows. In that respect, it’s pretty realistic. The series depicts an acting community of friends that party together and all try to make it in this place. It’s phenomenal the way they capture that aspect of it on the show.”

Watson Is Living His Dream

Acting has never been far from Watson’s mind. As a child, he tells me he and his sister played “pretend pilot.” The pair would always take pretend flights to places unknown, places like China and Australia. He and his sister also created Power Ranger scenarios. It’s obvious that growing up watching a lot of television and movies has had a lingering effect on Watson’s career choice in life.

He says, “Believe me, I’ve tried to do something else, but I can’t do anything else.” He also realizes that he is fortunate to be doing something that he loves.

Acting Is Not As Easy in Real Life

At the same time, playing a character like Tariq has its challenges. “It’s hard to understand him. I try to understand where he is coming from, especially in relation to what love is. I try to draw from my experiences with love and understanding in both my life as well as my acting experiences. The biggest challenge in playing Tariq is just to put all that negativity in my head and surrender to what he goes through. It’s so hard.”

The L.A. Complex also stars Joe Dinicol, Andra Fuller, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Chelan Simmons, Jewel Staite, and Cassie Steele. It premieres on April 24 on the CW.

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