Thursday Must Watch: ARCHER and UNSUPERVISED on FX

Tonight on FX, ARCHER starts a three episode journey to the final frontier.  “Space Race Part 1” finds our intrepid heroes headed to the International Space Station to prevent mutineers from taking over!  What starts as an exciting trip quickly turns into something you would only expect from this ridiculous and amazing show – stowaways, vomit, fake gravity, fake no gravity, and a space blaster to the boobs.  Bryan Cranston guest-voices as the mission leader who allows these buffoons into space.  Another solid episode that had me laughing out loud from minute one.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out FX’s UNSUPERVISED yet, give tonight’s episode (“Jesse Judge Lawncare Incorporated”) a chance – when the boys realize that they are in some serious need of new clothes and a tan, they they set out to get jobs to pay for that, and the amazing pool parties they plan to host in their back yard.  Charlie Day plays Jesse Judge and you don’t want to miss it.  What the frick are you waiting for?