Quick Take: GCB has little substance but it’s guilty pleasure worthy!

What happens if the head mean girl in high school grows up and matures but her frenemies don’t?

GCB stands for Good Christian….Belles. Yes, Belles as in Southern Belles; Texas Beauties from high society Dallas. If you loved the back-biting-two-faced-smile-in-your-face-while-they-stab-you-in-the-back storylines from Desperate Housewives, you’re primed and ready to be hooked by the ladies on GCB.

Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb) returns to her hometown of Dallas, publically humiliated after a national scandal involving a ponzi scheme, her husband and his girlfriend, the fiery car crash that killed them both and the sex act that caused it. Yeah. It’s tragic but it’s a funny tragic! Having to go back to live with her overbearing socialite mother GiGi Stopper (played perfectly by Annie Potts, seriously LOOOVE HER!) is difficult for Amanda, bringing her two teenage children into the very plush and privileged environment.

You see, Amanda used to be The Mean Girl (with capitols). She was the most popular and the most vicious in her high school days, with friends that were more afraid of her than respected her. Now the tables have turned, Amanda has matured and grown and the girls who fell victim to Amanda are now the pillars of the church-going community with all the status and power and very loooong memories. So, it begs the question: Who do you root for when the heroine used be a Terror and is reaping the results of her past? When the come-uppence is warranted but much too late?

The lead may be sweet, but it’s the supporting cast and side stories that really make GCB addictive and watchable. Jennifer Aspen (Sharon), Marisol Nichols (Heather), Miriam Shor (Cricket) and the delightfully pint-sized powerhouse Kristin Chenoweth (Carlene) work so seamlessly together, the accents aren’t even distracting!

GCB is somewhere between a guilty pleasure and a drama-dy, but it’s as satisfying as glass of lemonade on a hot summer day that’s for sure, y’all! I’ll definitely be watching the second episode airing Sunday at 10/9c on ABC!