BOB’S BURGERS is back tonight – do not miss it!!!

I was initially wary of BOB’S BURGERS. As we all know, ARCHER is my favorite comedy currently airing and so I was very partial to the amazing spy life of Sterling Archer voiced by H Jon Benjamin. But I let myself watch, and fall in love with, BOB’S BURGERS (where Bob is also voiced by Benjamin). I am so glad that I watched it, and if you watch tonight’s season 2 premiere, so, too, will you be!!

The premiere reunites us with Bob, Linda, Tina (THE BEST), Gene, and Louise Belcher, owners of the titular burger joint. When the rumor of a treasure hidden in a soon-to-be torn down taffy-making plant reaches the kids, they set off on an adventure that quickly puts everyone, including the Pesto boys and their weird friend, in danger.

In an homage to The Goonies (one to the best movies ever made…don’t bother trying to convince me otherwise), tonight’s “The Belchies” introduces new and weird things about this amazing family, while revisiting the old things I love about them – Tina’s love for Jimmy Pesto Jr’s butt, Louise’s love of power, Gene’s love of sound effects, and Bob and Linda’s love for each other and the kids! Do not miss this episode – I promise you – you will be smitten!