Must Watch: FOX Tuesday – BREAKING IN is back, and RAISING HOPE/NEW GIRL are great!

The title says it all about what’s happening on TV tonight.  BREAKING IN is back (after a weird canceled then renewed situation); RAISING HOPE moves to 8PM with a very strong episode; NEW GIRL’s all new with an intro to that random friend we met a few weeks ago, and Nick’s back injury maybe being more than he thought….oh and I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER is on…..

At 8/7c (new time slot alert – DO NOT FORGET), Katy Perry and Mary Birdsong bring memorable characters to RAISING HOPE as a prison warden who terrorizes Sabrina and the maybe-alcoholic mayor of Natesville, respectively.  After Sabrina ends up in jail due to an Occupy Natesville protest that goes down hill fast, she’s left to deal with a former scout-mate (Perry), while Virginia, in an effort to keep a strong and confident woman in power as a role model for Hope, ends up getting three wishes from the Mayor, in an effort to help her cover up some really bad stuff that’s going down.  The episode is great, and should bring in new viewers while also making regular viewers laugh out loud as usual!

At 8:30/7:30c, I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER returns.  There’s not much else to say about that, but Marc Consuelos is guest starring, and I still wish Jamie Pressly and Katie Finneran were on other shows doing other things.  In fact, 8:30 is the perfect time to switch over to ABC for COUGAR TOWN – it’s all new, Courteney Cox directed it, and Sarah Chalke starts her multi-episode arc tonight!

At 9/8c, Nick gets hurt during a touch football game on NEW GIRL, and the gang bands together, and has a good cry when it’s discovered, through Jess’ friend Sadie (June Diane Raphael), that maybe there is something else going on, besides a small back injury. The episode features some great physical comedy from the football game to the doctor’s office, plus great musical moments featuring some crying, some rapping, some dancing, and a piano.  By the time the show turns to crossing things off of Nick’s bucket list, I’m once again brought to tears by a comedy that can do no wrong in my book!

Bringing up the caboose tonight on FOX is the (some would say miraculous) return of BREAKING IN, one of my favorite things about last season.  When the Contra team returns, they have with them an extra few people – Megan Mullally, as Veronica, gives Creepy Carol (Aunt Linda from STILL STANDING – Jennifer Irwin) a run for her money in the loco department, and Ronnie’s assistant Molly (Erin Richards), the new thorn in Melanie’s paw.  The cast still pops, the show is whip smart, and Christian Slater is fantastic opposite his new boss and adversary Mullally.  Cash (Alphonso Mcauley) is up to his old tricks again, and my beloved Bret Harrison continues to prove that he deserves to be on TV week after week with his portrayal of sometimes-straight-man Cameron who is definitely starting (finally) to fit in around the office. I hope that more people tune into this season premiere than they did in Season 1 because I don’t think that this show can be canceled and renewed again.  Only complaint about the show?  NO DUTCH!


Are you watching FOX tonight?