In not-so-surprising news, Showtime’s President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc., David Nevins, announced today that “on the heels of record-setting premiere ratings” for the three shows on Sunday night. Production on the third season of SHAMELESS, second season of HOUSE OF LIES, and sixth season of CALIFORNICATION will start in LA later this year.

“These three shows are clearly resonating with audiences as evidenced by their steady growth on Sunday nights,” said Nevins. “We are extremely pleased with the creative work being done by the casts, producers and writers – and I so appreciate that each of these series has such a clear and distinctive voice.”

What are your thoughts? Do you watch these shows? I’m excited about SHAMELESS, and to a lesser degree, CALIFORNICATION. But I’m still not 100% sold on HOUSE OF LIES.

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  • Melissa

    I am excited for Shameless. I haven’t seen it yet, but from the clips I have seen its such a good show. I will probably catch-up with it this summer, when I am bored because there is no new good tv on. Well outside of USA Network that is.