Vanessa Williams and GMC Bring Sugar Mommas to the Small Screen

3613266_com_mammasVanessa Williams stars in the TV adaptation of the play Sugar Mommas on GMC.

Vanessa Williams is thrilled to be playing “Lynn” opposite Terri J. Vaughn’s “Sheila” in the Gospel Music Channel’s adaptation of Sugar Mommas.

Vanessa Williams and Terri J. Vaughn – A Thing of the Past

The made-for-TV movie, about two sisters who open a bakery together, is not a huge stretch for this acting duo. Williams reveals that she and Vaughn are used to appearing in the same projects, having Soul Food, Living Single, and The Steve Harvey Show in common. In fact, their work together began with Vaughn being an extra on one of Williams’ shows. It’s no wonder Williams describes their relationship to me via telephone as “a wonderful partnership where we create opportunities for ourselves and others.”

Like Character, Like Actor

Williams tells me she is always in search of a focal point in portraying any of her characters. She says, “As an actor, you always look for a way to inhabit the character, even through different circumstances, and then live in that character you inhabit. You have to find some similarities between yourself and the character and then bring yourself into the mix.”

Williams can relate to similarities in Lynn and herself. Like Lynn, she has been through the pain of a broken relationship. She likes the fact that Lynn is able to hold onto a hint of joy, despite turbulent circumstances.

Become Who You Play

Williams works to bring that aspect of her character to life. She says, “We are responsible for our own life and our own joy. Lynn is alone for the very first time, and she doesn’t care. She is free, even joyful. She’s just relaxing, having a good time, with a new attitude and a new lease on life.”

Williams expands on her own life experiences. “No one else can define me, as an actress and as a woman. No one but me is responsible for my happiness and what I bring to a situation. You have to create a balance in your life and remain joyful, no matter what the circumstances are.”

No Time to Slow Down

And Williams is a non-stop ball of energy amidst whatever circumstances befall her in life. Literally, just prior to and immediately following the fourteen-hour days of filming Sugar Mommas in Atlanta, she managed to get in some time for directing and writing her own short film work.

That work includes a short Showtime film called Dense, which she penned with longtime writing partner Shari Poindexter.

Williams elaborates, “It’s always an amazing experience to see your words brought to life and to collaborate with excellent top producers, production designers, and other behind-the-scenes people.”

Project Debut

Something Williams is equally “really excited” about is her work in Sugar Mommas, which makes it debut on the Gospel Music Channel on January 21., 2012.

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Article originally posted at Suite101.