Giveaway: ROYAL PAINS S1-S3.1 on DVD!

When we last saw Dr. Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) on ROYAL PAINS, he was trying to revive an unconscious Eric Kassabian (guest star Wilmer Valderrama) after the patient was given the wrong medicine by Divya (Reshma Shetty), the result of Divya’s exhaustion juggling two jobs.  At the urging of Hank, Paige’s (guest star Brooke D’Orsay) mom sought treatment for her depression.  The General (guest star Bob Gunton) finally understood the toll his wife’s illness took on Paige and Evan.  As the Hamptons summer continues, Divya’s secret could be exposed as her HankMed and hospital lives collide, Evan (Paulo Costanzo) tries to fit into his fiancée’s complicated family life and Jill (Jill Flint) makes an important decision about her personal and professional life. And most importantly, will HankMed lose its first patient as Kassabian life’s hangs in the balance?

Tom Cavanagh (“Ed”, “Love Monkey”) returns in a multi-episode arc as Jack O’Malley, professional golfer and HankMed client. Jack’s sudden return to the Hamptons surprises everyone … especially Jill, who continues to find herself drawn to him.  As Hank grows his friendship with the now healthy Jack, he will soon find himself facing a whole new set of challenges as his medical caregiver.  Although Jack’s previous condition has healed, he will soon discover a new medical obstacle tougher than any golf course on the tour.  Recurring season three guest stars include Campbell Scott as Boris, and Brooke D’Orsay as Paige, Kyle Howard as Dr. Van Dyke, Joanna Garcia Swisher as Dr. Nina Greene and Tom Cavanagh as Jack O’Malley.

ROYAL PAINS returns Wednesday, 1/18, at 10/9c, only on USA.  To celebrate, we’re giving away Seasons 1, 2, and 3 vol 1 to one lucky reader (chosen at random)!  The prize was provided by USA Network, but USA Network is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. Contest open to US residents only.

Check out this preview from the winter premiere and tell us, in the comments, what you’re excited about this season!


  • Kyle

    I’d like to see Divyia not have to pull double-duty, and just get back to Hank Med.

  • bill norris

    wanna see hank/jill stop all the will they/wont they. wanna see evan get married, want divya workin 1 place – HankMed. and i just love the stories/actors in this show!

  • Anita

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of Tom Cavanagh. I really loved him in “Ed” and I think he’s a great addition to the show. I also want to see the storyline about Divya continue and hope it plays out to her favor this season.

  • I want to see if they finally figure out what’s wrong with Boris

  • Ryan

    I am wondering when Divya’s secret will be exposed. I also wonder when they will figure out what happened to Eric.

  • I don’t know what to be excited about this season, since I have unfortunately fallen WAY BEHIND in my Royal Pains watching. I’d love to win this prize so I can catch up with the Hank Med gang.

  • Beth T.

    Tom Cavanaugh and Henry Winkler are enough to make me excited about this show, even aside from the storylines which I need to catch up on. The dvd’s would come in quite handy!

  • bn100

    I’m interested in finding out about what happens to Jill/Hank and Divya.

  • Jay B.

    I seriously just want to know what will happen with Hank and Jill. It’s kind of trivial compared to the other things going on with the show but we just want to know if they end up together happy or not!

  • I am excited to see what happens with all these characters. What will Jill ultimately decide to do? How will Divya convince Hank to trust her again?

  • Melissa

    I watch so much tv, so I am behind on Royal Pains. So maybe this is already unfolding on screen. However, I want to see Divya come clean with Hank about her working at the hospital. To admit to prescribing Eric the wrong medication. In the end I hope Hank can forgive her for that, even though it was a major mistake.