BEING HUMAN is back and Courtney K is excited!

IT’S BACK IT’S BACK IT’S BAAAAAAACK!!!! I have been seriously jonesing for BEING HUMAN (back Monday night at 9/8c on SYFY) since it went on hiatus. The complicated lives of 3 roommates who just happen to be Vampire, Ghost and Werewolf sunk it’s jaws, cold dead hands, and claws into me (see what I did there? Nice right? ) and has never let go. I’m perfectly ok with that.

Last year was brutal; the season finale left so many questions hanging in the air I was swatting at them with a tennis racquet. I was able to go to the San Diego Comic Con 2011 BEING HUMAN Panel and watch and listen to the stars and the married writing team wax monstrous; which, naturally, made me all the more anxious for this new season! Anna Fricke and Jeremy Carver (the writing team) made it known that while season one followed the BBC BEING HUMAN storyline, the second season was going to shoot off in an entirely different path, to which the audience erupted in raucous applause and hoots! Yes, BH is yet another fantastic British Television show that’s been “corrupted” by US networks, but man, oh MAN, is that show awesome! I’ve seen the BBC BH and yeah, it’s GREAT but I don’t love the characters like I do the way Meaghan Rath (Sally – Soulful Ghost), Sam Witwer (Aidan – Non-Sparkling Vampire) and Sam Huntington (Josh – Tortured Werewolf ) portray them! There’s something completely relatable to the characters Sally and Josh, that makes me want to hug and hi-five them continuously!  Aidan, yeah he’s the “sexy” one and yeah he is, but if I had to choose, I’d always pick Josh.

Moving on! This season, said Fricke, we’re going to see the Three go through normal 20-Something problems, but they’re monsters so it’s different. “The Theme for Season 2 is The more you try to be human, the more monstrous you become” Which begs the question…which one is this going to affect the most??? We know that Aidan has been struggling to “keep clean” (off feeding from live humans) and now that Bishop is dead (how badly did I want to pump my fist in the air and hiss “YES!!” when that happened??) who is going to keep Aidan in check or challenged? Are we getting a new ‘Bad Guy’? Is it going to be one of the Amish Vampire? (Yes, I know, that’s what I said. Amish Vampire. You saw them!) We know so little of the hierarchy for Vampires with this show, they’ve simply got to explain it. They’ve really got little choice.

Poor Josh, with impregnating Nora, scratching her when he was changing then her subsequently losing the baby; it’s going to be a tense standoff the first full moon. Especially since it’s been established that Josh was turned by a Werewolf scratch. His guilt is going to go platinum when he finds this all out. It’s going to be horrible and I’m already designating a tissue box as “The Josh Box”.  His story has always sung out to me. It doesn’t hurt that Sammy Huntington may be one of the most adorable men on the entire planet; he’s also good at nudging my heart.

Sally may have missed her door. What. The. Crap?? What does it mean? Is she doomed now? She figured out she can travel anywhere just by using her mind, but she continues to stay close to the house and to Josh and Aidan. She is such a genuine character, her struggle to figure herself out really advanced in leaps and bounds on Season 1; I’m excited to see how much she’ll grow and change or if she’ll revert a little now that her door came and went.

My Mondays are looking up starting the 16th (at 9/8c); how about yours? Will you be watching BEING HUMAN?