Tune In Alert: Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals

Photo Credit: AP Images

Every now and then, there’s something totally off the wall that I find myself heading to my parents’ to watch with my dad.  Sometimes it’s an INCOME PROPERTY or YARD CRASHERS marathon; other times, it’s the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals.  We manage to spend hours watching dogs dive and dash through obstacles courses that I would never be able to train our dog Charlie to do. EVER.  This weekend, the 14th annual event airs, Sunday on NBC at 5/4c –

This one-of-a-kind canine sporting event features top dogs from around the world competing in Olympic-style events such as Dog Diving, Freestyle Flying Disc, 30-Weave Pole Race, Jack Russell Hurdles and Agility. The 2011 competitors represented the United States, Japan and Poland.

During the Finals, which were held in St. Louis this past October, the World Record for Dog Diving was broken with an incredible dive of 31’8”.

I suggest you give it a look before you settle in to judge what people are wearing and cringe at Ricky Gervais’ jokes on the Golden Globes!