Jane By Design Challenge: Blog #5

Mission #5- use a plain old button down to go from Day to Night!  Everyone’s had that day at the office where you’re stuck there until 7:30, but you have to get to a party right away (I’m not the only one spending time at the office until 7:30, am I), right?  In fact, Jane Quimby faces that issue pretty much every day with how to turn her school clothes into office wear, into something even more exciting for a cocktail party.  I went with your basic tie / blazer preppy look for day (at left).  And like that, whip off the scarf, the blazer, throw on some necklaces you should keep in your purse for this exact reason, with a cute belt, roll up the sleeves, and you’re ready for a relaxed cocktail party that night!

What’s your favorite day-to-night outfit?  Let us know about it over at the JANE BY DESIGN Facebook page!