Jane By Design Challenge: Blog #4

The 4th challenge in our JANE BY DESIGN quest is to take that heinous Christmas sweater we’ve all managed to come across over the years, and turn it into something interesting and wearable.

In my case, I looked at the sweater, and didn’t see anything worthy of a bracelet or a scarf or anything conventional, but I thought to myself – why not turn this into a fashionable sweater that’s plain to the eye of the beholder, but up close has something special for the wearer and the people around her!

Here is what the vest looked like.  Bright red.  Snowmen everywhere.  An evergreen, naturally, and gold trim.  Lots of it.

The only thing I could think to turn it into is a dressy red sweater that hides the snowmen and the stars, and that lovely evergreen!  By folding the sweater in a perfect way that the snowmen are hidden, and, aside from the gold trim, the only thing you can see is the red of the sweater and the buttons.  In my new one shoulder sweater (I said it was fashionable, not functional), the buttons go down the back, while a small embellishment on the front keeps your eyes on the sweater, and away from all the crazy that had been going on – here’s a pic of the front and the back.

Let me know how you would have turned this atrocity into award winning fashion over on the JANE BY DESIGN Facebook site!