Courtney K continues to love / hate PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!

Oh I’m sorry, that noise? That was me shrieking with the joy of a small child who’s just been told they’ve inherited a chocolate factory. “…wh-why?” you ask? PRETTY LITTLE LIARS IS BACK!!!

The Halloween episode was torture, TORTURE! Watching the prequel only made my love/hate of this unbelievable show become even more embedded. The realization that “A” has been around long before Alison’s murder only breeds more options for the elusive “A”s identity and opens up the door to whether “A” and whomever committed the crime are the same person. Frankly, I’ve got no blooming clue. However, knowing that “A” tormented Alison, even for a moment, does make me feel a little bit better and briefly cheer for our mysterious all-knowing “A”. Watching a bully get some of her own medicine gives me that warm, fuzzy schadenfreude feeling, though fleeting. Though knowing that Alison meets a brutal death, that feeling quickly fades.

When last we saw Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer they were shrieking like the teenage girls they actually are supposed to be and frantically attempting to save with their bare hands what they thought was their group psychiatrist, buried alive. Pretty girls in pretty dresses covered in dirt. I must say while rolling my eyes at their lack of CALLING AN ADULT LIKE THE POLICE OR THEIR PARENTS, I was equally impressed by their level of commitment to come to the rescue. Out of nowhere there’s a shovel…wait, where did that come from, really? And instead of a sludge covered Dr. Sullivan emerging from the shallow grave gasping for air and thanking our protagonists, there’s a mud covered mannequin and a swarm of what looks like S.W.A.T. and sirens and cops all drawing down on these unarmed teenage girls. Then there’s the station, the interviews, the realization that Jenna and Creepy Cop Garrett may have homicidal tendencies in addition to terrible lingerie tastes.

The premiere, tonight at 8/7c on ABC Family, brings the focus to the deterioration and the consequences of our tight knit Liars. They’ve gotten community service and are picking up trash, see kids? Actions do have consequences! There was no way they could talk their way out of getting arrested, so I buy it. Did they come clean about everything? Of course not. (sigh)

Our Liars have a plan, it’s rash, it’s dangerous, it’s gotta work! Right? There’s no shortage of suspense in this return of one of my favorites. If the premiere is any indication, we’ve got a lot to look forward to this season! (Including the identity of “A” from what I heard!!! Oh please OH PLEASE let it be true!!) Not all of the cards are on the table, but this game is getting really, really exciting! I can’t wait to see who wins!