Jane By Design Challenge: Blog #2

Up next in our Jane By Design Challenge – use the white t-shirt included in the trunk, and style it based on your style icon. 

I spent some time thinking about who I idolize, as far as style goes – for me, it’s all about Kirsten Dunst.  Before you say “but wait, she always looks like she just rolled out of bed,” that’s essentially what I love about her – she leaves her house in a white tshirt and jeans, throws a sweater over it, two chunky scarves and a giant pair of sunglasses, and she’s completely set!    I love her style when she puts some effort into it, but her effortless days out and about are some of her best.

We were tasked with doing something do the shirt with items from the home, but the simplicity in of a basic white t-shirt with a gray sweater, and giant bag, felt good to me!  What about you – who is your style icon? Why?  Tell us all about it over at the JANE BY DESIGN Facebook page, and be sure to tell them MToT sent you!

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