PSYCH Giveaway: Day 3 – PSYCH Fan Pack

To celebrate the winter finale of PSYCH, airing Wednesday night at 10/9c on USA, we’re teaming up with USA to giveaway a fun set of prizes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week!

When Juliet and Shawn decide it’s time to take a couples retreat – no work, all relaxation – things take a turn for the interesting when they’re left to solve a robbery and a murder all rolled into one bag of crazy. Speaking of crazy, Lassie, Gus, and Henry end up bro-ing out for the weekend, with ridiculous consequences. The episode is easily one of my favorites from this season – very funny – and guest stars Jason Priestley, Jennifer Finnigan, Arden Myrin, and Tony Hale add to the fun! Check out PSYCH online for more information – on Twitter; on Facebook; on USA’s site.

The night of the finale, Tim Omundson will be living chatting over on Psych Chatter – you can join in on the fun. Enter to win the final day of our PSYCH giveaway – a PSYCH fan pack that includes the following:

  • A PSYCH Laundry Bag
  • A PSYCH Snuggie (It’s amazing, really!!)
  • PSYCH PJ Pants
  • A PSYCH T-Shirt
  • A PSYCH Pineapple Pillow
  • Season 5 of PSYCH on DVD

Let us know some (more) of your favorite Lassie moments from the over the years! Then take a sneak peek at a clip from Wednesday’s finale (above). And that’s not all! Fans with a Twitter account can copy and past the following (replace the ___ with your fave Lassie moments): I’m #PSYCH-O for Lassie because _______ #LassieChat”

The prize was provided by USA Network, but USA Network is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. Contest open to US residents only.


  • Rae

    Some of my favorite Lassie moments might be tonight… But that’s probably cheating so maybe Lassie giving Juliet and Shawn lie detector tests in the season premiere. And, aww, when he rescues Juliet on the clock tower. That moment at the end when they hug? Oh, also, in the Bollywood episode Lassie gets Shawn to interrogate Raj in front of Abigail. (So many things crack me up about this moment from Shawn getting further and further away from Raj to them hearing Lassie shouting “YES” from the observation room…)

  • Stephanie

    One of my favorite Lassie moments is in Last Night Gus, when Lassie and Shawn are suddenly on the same side, especially during the autopsy report. It’s absolutely hilarious. Also, not a funny moment, I like when he thought he was going on a date with his wife (but she wanted divorce papers signed). It really made him seem human. And one more, it was hilarious when he flirted with Jane Lynch.

  • Jules

    Hands down, “Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing” not only for all the guns hidden around his house, but for THE gun hidden in the peanut bowl and ultimately when Lassie ejects and catches the bullet. Yes. Awesome. I was so sad when they took the slow-motion bullet catch out of the opening titles.

  • Kim Kelly

    Lassie in the “vampire” episode.. too funny 🙂 — but tapdancing is still my #1

  • I love Lassie dressed in his Civil War costume!

  • margaret

    I like the tap dancing.

  • Beth T.

    One of my favorite Lassie moments is when he describes to the small children in gruesome detail how they would be eaten by an escaped polar bear. Remember that? Classic Lassiter.

  • Another great Lassie moment: when he tries really hard to impress his date/ex-wife and shows up four hours early (what determination!). He tells the maitre d’ he’ll wait awkwardly standing by him. Haha! Then the maitre d’ then tells him he can wait at the bar where he sees his ex-wife too!

  • TJ

    Lassie tap dancing with the kids was one of the best Lassie moments ever!

  • Ryan

    Another favorite Lassie moment is when the woman and her brother were trying to chloroform Lassie and he told them he had spent 10 years building up a tolerance to it. When asked why would he do that, he says, “Duh, for moments like this!” Then at the end of the show, after she is in jail, he writes her a note saying he will wait for her.