Friendship Renewed and Love Lost in COVERT AFFAIRS Finale

3536023_com_peraboAmidst mystery and murder in the Covert Affairs finale, a renewed friendship is discovered and a potential love is lost.

The Covert Affairs season two finale opens with all the intrigue and suspense of a James Bond motion picture and progresses toward a serene ending as viewers watch Piper Perabo portray heroine Annie Walker.

Deadly Vacation

The audience knows all too well that the moment Walker decides to vacation in Stockholm, it won’t be long before her plans for rest and relaxation change into those of a working holiday.

Accompanied by sister Danielle Brooks (Anne Dudek), grieving over a failing marriage, Walker answers a call from Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and is transformed from tourist to CIA courier.

Delivering an eyes-only envelope to a CIA contact at the Waterford Congress Centre seems innocent enough, but what follows is anything but innocent as every contact Walker makes falls prey to a domino effect of murder victims.

No Way Home

Perhaps the most chilling part of the episode is when Walker realizes her supposed contact mistakes Brooks for her, and she misses the envelope handoff. When she informs Auggie of this and asks for protocol, he informs her in no uncertain terms,“for this, there is no protocol” and that her only option is to return the envelope to her initial contact.

As Walker attempts to follow through, she stumbles upon the body of her initial contact and that of his secretary.

However, Auggie’s advice to flee immediately is not so easily taken as Walker and Brooks run headlong into trouble as they attempt to escape via Oslo.

Heartbreaking Revelations

Even as Walker is trapped for the moment, Auggie must deal with heartbreaking problems of his own. He discovers he is not a viable candidate for a stem cell procedure that could help reverse his blindness.

Briefly succumbing to disappointment, Auggie pauses long enough to grasp the magnitude of his reality, then proceeds to find a solution to the problem of bringing Walker and Brooks home.

Hideaway Discovery

As the two hide in a cottage, Walker learns that Brooks has unknowingly revealed their whereabouts on a lost luggage form at the airport.

Just as she makes this discovery, enemy footsteps are heard approaching.

Following a cat and mouse hiding sequence, Walker makes the final kill of the evening with a gun she has taken earlier from the body of her initial contact.

Melancholy Farewell

But the joy and relief of being home becomes melancholy, even sad, as Walker begins to think of Auggie as perhaps more than a friend, then learns he is leaving for Africa and possibly into the arms of someone else.

Before leaving, however, and to her astonishment, he gives her his prized 1967 Corvette. It is that Corvette she is seen driving as the cameras roll and the last frame fades.

Covert Affairs airs on Tuesday nights on the USA Network and has been renewed for a third season to air next summer.

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