Tuesday Must Watch: Thanksgiving with NEW GIRL and RAISING HOPE on FOX

If you’re looking for a fun hour of TV that’s full of heart and the people we love, look no further than the 9-10pm (8-9c) block of comedies on FOX.

On tonight’s all new episode of NEW GIRL, Jess invites the new object of her affection (Paul, a music teacher, played to perfection by Justin Long) to the apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.  The guys aren’t terribly excited that their previous plans of doing absolutely nothing have been ruined, but eventually, two of the three come around (Nick, you old spoil sport, you….).  Jess mentions that CeCe’s on the guest list, and Schmidt not only joins in on the fun, but takes over all of the cooking in a way only he can.  When a mishap in the laundry room sends the gang out of the house, the real fun starts and an instant classic episode is born.  Worth noting? Zooey Deschanel and Justin Long were made to play opposite each other, and their joy is contagious.  Can’t wait to see more!

Once NEW GIRL is over, don’t change the channel!  My favorite comedy on TV, RAISING HOPE, celebrates Thanksgiving as only the Chance family can – in someone else’s house, in someone else’s life, with an unsuspecting Burt’s parents in tow!  When Burt gets the call that his mother and father are actually heading to his part of town for Thanksgiving, instead of spending time with his more-loved brother, he and the family adopt a rich life to impress them.  Lee Majors and Shirley Jones guest star as the elders Chance, and they fit right in to the crazy.  It’s another great episode of one of the best shows you’re probably not watching.

Tune into FOX and let us know what you think!