Must Watch: A dark and twisty GREY’S ANATOMY

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney

I know, I know. Grey’s is sooo passé; but I have been fortunate enough to become a fan when GA went to syndication, so it’s only been a year or so of dramas for me, rather than the full 5+ year gamut. That long, drawn out torturous trip that the majority of the die-hards have gone through, I have been on the fast track for it.

This episode centers on perspective; posing the question, “What really is a bad day?” in the halls of Seattle Grace, there’s no end to the list of what constitutes a bad day.

This week’s heartbreak starts us off on the horrific cliff-edger (not really a hanger, since we’re in sweeps) of surgeon Teddy walking in on husband Henry coughing blood which was made more emotionally thunderous since they’d been fighting the majority of the previous episode. He’s going to need spectacular surgery (naturally, it’s not like anyone ever gets regular old normal surgery) and you know what that means, the happy couple probably doesn’t have much time left together. It’s the doom of this show.

While this is happening; Meredith and Alex are on a rescue run for a newborn baby and their rig breaks down. On a dark and stormy night, on a mountain road curve. This isn’t going to be good. But hey, it is November sweeps right? The writers can’t be kind to our tear ducts. My box of tissues and I will be watching, how about you?